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Buying a puppy from a reputed verified breeders is, in most cases, a good decision. 

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Following are some of the specific advantages of doing so that you should take note. Buying a puppy from a verified breeders prepares you with the knowledge of practically everything that you need to know about the breed. In fact, a well-versed breeder will often counsel you on your expectations, family, and lifestyle to guide you on the breed that you should go for.

Breed-specific knowledge and information are important because it helps you know about the temperament and overall behavior of the dog. As such, you will be completely aware of how the furry one will behave and will be able to handle accordingly.

A good breeder will never force you to buy a certain puppy without solid reasons.

Puppies for sale From A Breeder

One of the most welcome advantages of buying a puppy from a breeder is that you know where the dog is from. The breeder will, as such, inform you about the puppy’s father, mother, and relatives and you will get to know about their health history in details. They have the dog’s lineage on paper.

Breeders might also let you meet the puppy’s parents if they are on the premises. Viewing their photographs and videos will give you a good idea of how the puppy will look and behave when it grows up.

Furthermore, breeders are aware of the genetic diseases common to the breed and they therefore conduct genetic testing, which is a great asset. Being aware of all of these things will also help you deal with your dog better in future situations, such as illnesses.

In general, a health guarantee covers a puppy for diseases covered by the agreement. As such, if your puppy is affected by certain diseases, you might receive a refund on the price, a replacement of the puppy or a certain amount of money for the medical treatment of the puppy’s health issue.In general, a health guarantee covers a puppy for diseases covered by the agreement.

As such, if your puppy is affected by certain diseases, you might receive a refund on the price, a replacement of the puppy or a certain amount of money for the medical treatment of the puppy’s health issue.

You might also want to showcase the puppy by making them participate in competitions. In such situations, you would need documents like a pedigree certificate to be allowed the opportunity. Consequently, only a proper, responsible breeder can provide you with these documents. Buying a puppy from a breeder, therefore, meets your customized requirements.

Looking for a Healthy Puppy? 

A puppy that is raised by a responsible verified breeder is well socialized and knows the concept of a homey home. As such, buying a puppy from a breeder will eliminate chances of the dog behaving awkwardly once you bring him/her home. The dog will grow up to be friendly and affectionate towards people and especially kids, will not be scared around guests or sudden noises, etc. When you buy a puppy from a breeder, you know for sure that the little one will always have a home even in the worst case scenario where you cannot raise them owing to some dire circumstances. Socialized dogs know of other dogs, cats, noises, street stimulations, and so on.

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Responsible Verified Breeder

The below are indications of a responsible verified breeder.

  • Plans each pregnancy carefully
  • Is genuinely concerned about the welfare of their animals
  • Will provide a complete veterinary history of the animal
  • Provides ongoing communication and support after-sale
  • Can provide references from previous litters sold
  • Asks you lots of questions – it shows they care where their animals are going home with
  • Lists microchip details 

Our AAPDB Breeder Number is 17619

In NSW, intensive breeding facilities, or puppy factories, are not explicitly illegal. However, the conditions in which we commonly see the animals being kept, bred and sold in these facilities, is illegal. The Animal Welfare Code of Practice – Breeding Dogs and Cats determines what is and is not ‘illegal’ in NSW. It is legal to sell as many animals as you want and as many litters as you want in NSW at this time.

A court attendance notices may be issued in severe cases of failure to meet minimum standards under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (1979).

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Groodles make wonderful family pets. They are suited to families with children because of their playful nature.

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Spoodles are lively, affectionate, and outgoing dogs. They can live in small houses and apartments if they receive enough exercise daily.

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Puppy socialization and daily interaction is a regular part of their daily routine. Dogs provide companionship, improved physical and mental health, home security, and pure entertainment.

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